MVP Flag Football

Registration for MVP Fall Flag Football is open.

The fall league starts on Sunday, September 7 and ends on Sunday, October 26.

MVP Flag Football is offered to boys and girls in kindergarten through 6th grade. It is a co-ed league. MVP Flag Football is an 8-week league offered in the spring and the fall. Practices and games take place on Sunday afternoons. 

The location is: Tualatin Elementary School, 20405 SW 95th Avenue, Tualatin, 97062.

The 3 Divisions are: Kindergarten/1st grade; 2nd/3rd grade and 4th-6th grade.
MVP Flag Football takes place on Sunday afternoons usually between the hours of 12:00 and 7:00 pm. (Schedule may vary depending on the number of teams). Each week your child will participate in a 45 minute practice prior to their 1 hour flag football game. There are no practices during the week.

The Registration Fee is $125.00.

Address and directions can be found on the Venues Page.

MVP is happy to honor friend and coach requests. We will do our best to accommodate any request until we reach the maximum number of players per team. If you have a request, please state your request in the comment box during the registration process.
To find out what team number your child is on and to view the team schedule, go to the home page on the MVP website and then click Register and then Login to your account and you will then be able to view your child's team information on the Team Wall.

Check our Venues Page for specific locations & directions.


1. How are individual players placed on teams?

Individuals are placed on teams on a first come first serve basis. Once you have completed the registration, your child will be assigned to a team. We will do our best to accommodate individual requests.

2. How many players are on a team?

There is a minimum of 6 players with a maximum of 10 players per team for flag football and a maximum of 8 players per team for basketball.

3. Does the league supply uniforms?

Each player will receive an authentic MVP flag football or basketball reversible jersey that they will get to keep. Flag belts will be provided and returned after each flag football game. MVP is also a trading card league where each player will receive a football/basketball trading card after each game and a medal after the last game of the season.

4. Who are the officials and are they qualified?

Everyone must remember that the purpose of the games is to make sure that the kids are having fun and not to get overly excited about what an official did or did not do. Our officials are knowledgeable and good at what they do and will call a fair game for both sides. If there are any issues, please direct your concerns to the on-site field coordinator or contact MVP Youth Sports League.

5. How much playing time can my child expect?

We do our best to insure that every child will have an equal amount of playing time. Our goal is to make sure that all kids are enjoying themselves and learning the fundamentals of football/basketball along with good sportsmanship and life skills. The coaches will do their best to rotate all players into the game so that players receive equal playing time and will be able to play different positions throughout the season.

6. What types of awards are given?

Each player will receive one trading card per week and a medal at the end of the season.

7. What are the age groups?

There are 3 different divisions based by grade level. They are as follows: Kindergarten/1st Grade Division; 2nd/3rd Grade Division; 4th-6th Grade Division. The divisions are subject to change to best accommodate the number of players at each grade level.

8. How often do teams practice and are they mandatory?

Each week (Sunday), teams will practice 45 minutes prior to their one hour game for flag football. For basketball, the practice is 30 minutes followed by a 45 minute game. Practices are not mandatory but please make every effort to attend as we want your child to enjoy the full experience of our program.

9. How long will games and practices take?

Practices and games take place on the same day (Sunday), back-to-back. You should estimate being at your location for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes for flag football and 1 hour and 15 minutes for basketball. 

10. What do I get for my registration fee?

8 weeks of flag football/basketball and fun! Authentic MVP reversible flag football/basketball jersey. Every player receives one trading card per week and a medal at the end of the season. Equal playing time for all kids.

11. Will there be any games on holiday weekends?

We will not practice or play games on holidays or during school breaks. We do not play on Easter Sunday or Memorial Day weekend however we do play on Mothers Day and Super Bowl Sunday.

12. Will teams play at the same registered locations?

Yes, the location that you register for is the location that you will play and practice at for the entire season unless we need to combine locations due to the number of registered players at each location.

14. How many coaches per team?

Our coaches are parent volunteers or in some cases if we do not have enough parent volunteers we will have high school or college students (usually former football/basketball players) that volunteer their time to coach the kids. We would like to designate a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach for each team but in some cases there may only be a head coach and hopefully a parent or two can rotate and help out.

15. How much time will be required for volunteer coaches?

We will require you to have one practice (45 minutes for flag football, 30 minutes for basketball) before each game. Each game will take approximately 1 hour for flag football, 45 minutes for basketball. Total time required will be a maximum of 2 hours per week.

16. When, where and what time are the practices and games?

Practices and games will be played at the location you choose during registration. Specific practice and game times will be determined prior to the start of the season. Practices and games will always be held on Sundays.